The hotel

Facing the Tzoumerka Mountains, and close by the Arachtos river where it emerges from the magnificent canyon, this modern hotel, built of local stone and timber, is a  destination in itself, and a base for all manner of  activities in a historic and scenic area unmatched for  a wide range of recreational and tourist opportunities. This stunning area has much to offer in all four seasons. With the winter snows on the high mountains comes a stark beauty, and the pleasure of a log fire.

In the warmth of summer there is the river, amiable and cooling as it ambles from the vastnesses of the limestone canyons. There is cool in the groves of riverside trees, in the dark interiors of the ancient monasteries, on the high trails, on the porticos of small tavernas in the mountain villages.

 Your hosts' enthusiasm for the culture and history of his home area inspired them to give each room a theme, inspired by traditional occupations now largely lost. The tools, crafts, and designs of weavers, carpenters, and woodsmen are lovingly preserved and displayed.

 Breathtaking views from the hotel are matched by the warmth and enthusiasm of the owners, who love to show the area to visitors, and by the friendly and relaxed service.


Marina & Nikos