The Arachtos was once the border between Greece and Turkey, and the hotel takes its name from the Customs Post that used to stand at the end of the graceful arch of the Plaka Bridge.

Plaka was a military post from 1898 to 1912, and was a major centre of commerce for Greece. As a consequence it was a social, artistic and political hub, and the birthplace of many renowned Greeks in those fields.

 During the Second World War, Plaka was a base for Greek opposition organizations, and a very concrete reminder of that period is the "bump" in the smooth curve of the old bridge, where a German shell  struck but did not down that lovely monument.

The ''treaty of Plaka'' was signed here in 1944 by opposing factions in the Greek civil war.

 Plaka Bridge, the largest single-arch stone bridge in the Balkans, to see the sunset over the mountains. 

Twenty metres high at the top of its graceful curve, the bridge is only 3 metres wide.

Built in 1866, by Kostas Mpekas, under difficult conditions (it fell down when the support scaffold was removed, so this bridge is the second and successful attempt), the whites of  20000 thousand eggs are incorporated in the mortar!

 It was the border between the free and the enslaved Greek country and on its arch, a peace treaty was singed during the Greek civil war.

You  will be enchanted it’s beauty and the variety of activities you can do there.