How to reach us

xartis_teloneio_1600x1753 From Athens and Patra (south):

Drive to Arta (Άρτα) and when you pass the old Stone Arta Bridge9Πέτρινο Γεφύρι Άρτας) , turn right at the second traffic light to Rodavgi (Ροδαυγή) – Agnanta (Άγναντα) – Pramanta (Πράμαντα).

(Follow the green route on the map).

From Thessaloniki (Θεσσαλονίκη) or east (via Metsovo) Μέτσοβο on the Egnatia highway

Take the exit to Ioannina,(Ιωαννινα) from the Egnatia road, and then turn to Mpafra (Μπάφρα) at the second traffic light on the right (after 500m when you are on the highway).

At about 4km you turn right to Pramanta (Πράμαντα) – Agnanta (Άγναντα).

(Follow the green route on the map).

                                                                     As you approach, see Tzoumerka covered in sunlight!

                                                                     Steep slopes, forests and rock.

                                                                     An isolated, magic place!

                                                                      From Monolithi, hear Arachthos roar

                                                                      Welcome! Spend a night.....

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